100 Day Challenge Update & Olive Oil Braids Treatment

With 58 Days to go, I’m almost halfway!

For everyone who doesn’t know, I’ve been on a 100 day hair challenge since December 17, 2008. Click here to see the rules of the challenge. It’s going very well. I changed hairstyles once and been in braids for about 3 weeks. It’s been great not having to comb my hair. I did however become concerned about moisturizing or deep conditioning my hair. So after much thought, I found a solution.

A hot extra virgin olive oil treatment. It was GREAT. I washed my hair with shampoo then applied the olive oil, covered my hair with a cap and two towels for heat, then washed out the oil with a light conditioning shampoo after 30 minutes. My braids and hair are not matted like it they are after conditioner washes and my hair is ridiculously soft. I needed to redo my edges anyway, and was surprised how soft and moisturized my natural hair was after taking out the kanekalon hair. I’ll definitely be using olive oil for regular deep moisturizing treatments on my natural hair after the braids are out.

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  1. i think u meant to say you was on the challenge since Dec 17th lol, cause from march to now is nearly 300 days! LoL, but i got you. HHG, and thanks for posting this challenge. I don’t obey all the commandments everyday, but i’m stickin in there 🙂

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