Challenge of the Week – Green Tea over Coffee

I love to have my green tea with honey and a slice of lemon/lime.

Are you a morning coffee lover despite the crash you sometimes get during the work day? Well, according to Global Healing Center, there are quite a few benefits to drinking coffer but there are even more disadvantages. As a result, I have decided to try something new. I am going to go the entire week without drinking coffee! Why would I do that to myself?

Coffee can disturb blood cell function, promote osteoporosis, affect our nervous system and cause extreme withdrawal symptoms and more.  As such, I’m going to try green tea instead. The benefits of drinking green tea are at the end of this post.

Green tea comes in a wide variety of flavour combinations

According to Mayo Clinic, generic instant coffee contains up to 173 mg of caffeine while green tea has up to 40 mg. Maybe green tea will give me less of a crash and allow me to have a cup in the morning and at lunch without overloading on caffeine. Will I feel better after drinking at least one cup of green tea for the week? Try it with me and let me know. Read below for my other reasons for drinking green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea
Green tea is said to:

  • contain power antioxidant properties regulates and inhibits against cancer.
  • help fight obesity.  
  • reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
Click here to find out what Harvard Women’s Health Watch thinks about green tea.

One Comment on “Challenge of the Week – Green Tea over Coffee”

  1. Hey Sophie. I dunno where the post/comment is! Weird.

    Yeah. I really love green tea. Now I find myself drinking coffee in the mornings and tea at night. I’m addicted to both. lol.

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