Remember the Cinnabun?

Cinnabun Natural Hairstyle

Originally posted Nov. 2010
Revised December 2015

Do you know the ever popular cinnabun hairstyle for natural hair? Well, Mika tried it and had beautiful results. This natural hairstyle can be done on relatively short hair to very long natural hair is is fairly easy to do. Really, it doesn’t get much easier than this.  What I liked about Mika’s take is how she reworked the cinnabun technique to get variations of the same style. Watch the tutorial below then keep reading to see how Mika put her twist on the Cinnabun style.

[youtube id=”vVHg_n9jTfg” width=”667″ height=”356″]

The cinnabun could be a bang, act as a more intricate top-knot or simply be made from a low puff. You can have one bun or two. You can do cinna-bun pigtails. The options are endless for your natural hairstyles – especially with updos. Check out Mika’s pics below. to see how she interpreted the style in 3 simple ways.


As a Puff


With Bangs


In a low bun

How might you use the cinnabun technique. Send your pics to

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