Cover Ups Show Up

Natural Hair Tam

My box braids were stale. You could hardly see the parts after just 10 days. Feeling happy about the growth but sad about the lack of a fresh style, an old tam caught my eye.

I threw it on to cover up my old hairstyle. I buy all these accessories and rarely every wear them. My tam and complimenting coral and red accessories completely transformed my look.

Do you have a hair accessory that you could be using?

5 Comments on “Cover Ups Show Up”

  1. I love your look, I love red. I love to use head bands when my braids get old, I like to use two thin ones. One to push my new growth back and one to creat a little hump, I wish i had a picture to show exactly what I mean, I may do it today and post it.

  2. Hehehe. Hi Alice. I guess you could consider it brainless, except This and the “keep a hairband in your bag” for bad hair days get a lot of “Why didn’t I think of that” responses. So yes, somebody out there is probably saying: My Bajillion bobby pins. I have one of those. Why am I not using it?

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