Creating Cravings, Tastes and Addictions – The Flavouritsts

There are people who are employed to make you crave that food that you know is absolutely bad for you. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is the truth. In the video below, Dr David Kessler, the former head of the FDA, considers “flavours so stimulating, they hijack our brain.” Are you being seduced into overeating? But the discussion and information gets more startling.

The labels are misleading too. You could be drinking a flavour created a beaver’s rear end. A “natural” strawberry-vanilla flavour can come from the gland in a beaver’s backside. The label isn’t lying – it’s from nature, right? It’s just that your chicken stock may have absolutely nothing to do with a real chicken.

I’m being a bit dramatic but this all is real and the 60 Minutes video below proves it. To me, the video below is even more proof that I need to stick to raw and home-made foods as much as possible.

Do you think flavouring is really bad? Are we fully in control of what we want and eat after flavourists have left their mark on our food? Leave a comment below.

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