Outre Quick Weave Half Wig Big Beautiful Hair 4C-COILY
Wig Comparison - Outre Quick Weave Half Wig 4C-COILY

Styling the Wig

Outre Quick Weave after 1 Wash
Outre Quick Weave Half Wig (4C-COILY)


  • Full and bouncy
  • Holds curl and style well
  • Wash-friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • Blends easily
  • Multiple styling options (See videos at end of blog post)
  • Looks somewhat natural depending on styling


  • Looks very heavy after and artificial if teased excessively
  • Must be manipulated quite a bit to work
  • Cannot be un-teased
  • Will start to age quickly (but can be manipulated so much that you can just adjust styling)
  • CAn look a little bit shiny (but dully after time)

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