Hairstyle of the Week – Straw Set Natural Hairstyle

Straw Set on Natural Hair
Straw Set on Natural Hair
Straw Set on Natural Hair

If you want to play with a straight-looking curly style but don’t want to use direct heat like curling irons on your naturally curly hair, this could be the style for you. Straw sets can be done on regular straws or larger (milkshake) straws. Your results will differ dependent on your hair texture but you are typically able to get a very good curl and fairly sleek look. The natural hairstyle can last for up to two weeks as well. So, if you’re patient and don’t mind a longer drying time or drying under a hooded dryer, this style is for you.

Watch the tutorials below for simple techniques on doing this style then read the tips for sleek results. Watching different tutorials should give you an idea of the products you can use on your texture for the results that you desire.

[youtube id=”EYfYAXc2dhU” width=”667″ height=”356″]

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Straw sets are also great on transitioning hair… especially if you have loosely curled or wavy natural hair. Check out a tutorial on transitioning hair below.

[youtube id=”kn_zMmSnwr8″ width=”667″ height=”356″]

Tips for Sleek Results

  • Start with Wet Hair
  • Always use a holding agent like lottabody setting lotion, a setting moose or a holding pudding.
  • Add oil (like castor oil or olive oil) to whatever you use if you don’t want your hair to be dry and crunchy.
  • Make sure hair is thoroughly detangled with a comb for sleekest results.
  • Take your time. Careless, rushed curling will yield unrefined results.
  • Smaller sections and straws usually give sleeker results.

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