Head & Hair Gear for Natural Hair

Fascinator in natural hair

It’s not always east to find hats and accessories that suit your natural hair but when you do, it’s a wonderful thing. Besides being stylish, hats, scarves and other natural hair accessories can help to get you out the door in minutes. Check the pictures of some of our favourite looks below then watch the video at the end for styling tips and ideas.

1. The scarf is super-easy and perfect for the woman who loves the afro-centric regal look. If you’re in Jamaica, you can find a scarf here.

2. The Baseball or Kangol Cap is easy and fun. If you’re going super casual to the gym or an outdoor event, this may just suit your style. Remember, you don’t have to wear your hair out as shown in the pic below. You could also do this with cornrows or a low bun. Bonus? You won’t have to worry about the wind blowing hair into your face. Tip! Be sure to buy one that accommodates size adjustment for your varied natural hairstyles.

3. The Headband is great for adding a little sparkle or spunk to your natural hairdo and works well to keep your hair out of your face too.


4. Fascinators add extra glam and can also be perfect for weddings when done in white.


5. The Fedora is a simple and trendy way to look stylish on the weekends. Tip – If you have trouble getting one to fit, find your size. Lots of stores carry different sizes and sometimes the solution is as simple as looking online, visiting a few stores or twisting/cornrowing your hair before you top off your ‘do.


6. The Tam. Well, that’s what I call it but some people call it a beanie. LOL. This is probably the absolute easiest it’s gonna get when it comes to hair accessories. Throw it on (and pin it down on the sides if necessary) before dropping the kids to school. If you can’t find one lined with satin, be careful of wearing it for too long since the wool can dry out your hair.

Source – @Naptural85

7. Broad rimmed hats come in a variety of styles. Traditional church hats are great too. It’s all about your personal style and comfort level. Not everyone like the extra attention and super glam look but it’s certainly a very special and luxe look.

Many hats come in fabrics like cotton and felt that can dry out and break your hair. Consider buying a satin headband or maybe even a satin cap and wear it under your headgear to protect your hair.

Check out Candy from NaturalHairNamix on YouTube talking about her favourite headgear for her natural hair below.

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  1. I love this article! I have been wanting to learn how to tie the scarves based on one’s individual headshape and how long and wide the scarf material should be to get those regal looks! Great head gear introductions!

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