Hot Style!

Fotki is a great resource for natural hairstyles. For those of you who don’t have time to go through everybody’s album or simply don’t have the time – once again – KiK is here to bring all the resoures to you. I met Wendy, a college student in France. She hasn’t been natural all her life but she’s certainly mastered some very beautiful natural styles.
Here is her description of the style featured in this entry:

First u put ur hair into a puff, then u twist the ends (about 12 to 15twists). Then u put a second headband (a thin one)in th

e really front of the head and u pin each twists to cover it (the twists in the front, in the front, the ones in the back, well in the back, and u freestyle for the ones in the middle of the head). and that’s it 🙂
Hope i was clear enough…
One 🙂

Check out her hair-related fotki website at

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