How I Big Chop, Wash, Style and Go!

Big Chop Side View
Side View of Big Chop in Wash n’ Go

Hey curlfriends. I feel like I can legitimately say that now. LOL. I have been natural on and off for over 12 years. Yup. I generally prefer to “keepitkinky” but I LOVE to dabble in different styles and looks. I’ve done everything from wigs to relaxers to weaves and I will still dabble in a multitude of styles. Still, my ultimate goal is to keep my hair kinky as my primary, go-to style. I planned to wear my hair straight for a year but got bored after 6 months. So, I transitioned for about a year, and a few sleepless nights ago,

The Big Chop
The Big Chop

I finally big chopped (cut off all of my relaxed hair). I wanted a little company (cyber company) so I showed everything on Instagram in stages.

It started here. I hated the strings and really didn’t feel like blow-drying my hair just so that I could style in quickly.

My Transitioning Hair 1 Year Post Relaxer
My Transitioning Hair 1 Year Post Relaxer

Then I experimented in the middle of my head.

The first cut
The first cut

Decided to commit by starting in the front so I wouldn’t punk out. LOL.

Section # 1 of Big Chop
Section # 1 of Big Chop

Then continued section by section.

First 2 Sections of Big Chop
First 2 Sections of My Big Chop

Until I was left with this!

Unstyles Big Chop Afro
Unstyled Big Chop Afro

How I Big Chopped

The process was pretty simple and I believe is one of the safest ways to big chop on your own hair.

  • Pre-poo to hydrate curls. Hydrated curls curl best.
  • Wash hair (making sure hair is detangled in sections during conditioning).
  • Towel blot to remove excess water.
  • Mist hair with a slippery conditioner and water mixture.
  • Put hair in lots of manageable sections
  • Apply the mixture to small sections and use a paddle brush or denman to detangle small sections. This will make the hair clump and show you the strings that you can cut off.
  • Cut right where your natural hair meets the relaxed hair.
  • Now you’re ready to style.

Watch this quick video below showing my process.

[youtube id=”Q1vbaPT-HMw” width=”667″ height=”356″]

I big chop regularly (every 3-4 years) but for some reason, I was in shock. I immediately drew for one of my brightest lipsticks. I have to let it be obvious that I’M A GIRL. Hahahaha. I eventually swapped it out for a more muted colour… and I loved it. I didn’t plan to big chop. I really just couldn’t sleep after my cat woke me at midnight. I had no hairstyle plan. So, I ended up doing my very first wash n’go. This was the result.

Big Chop Time
Big Chop Time

How I Washed and Went

  1. Wash hair being sure to detangle in sections with the conditioner.
  2. Very lightly towel dry so that my natural hair isn’t dripping everywhere and messing up the bathroom floor.
  3. Mist hair with water and conditioner (I suggest a cheapie like VO5 Moisture Milks)
  4. Oil hair with a liquid oil like coconut or olive oil.
  5. Starting at the back in small sections, finger comb gel into hair (I recommend Eco Styler Gel which hardly ever flakes). Rake/comb section until the hair clumps and curls hair to make your natural texture defined and obvious.
  6. Repeat going upwards until complete.
  7. Check for any globs of gel and remove that with a damp cloth or towel. Globs almost never dry well.
  8. Use a diffuser to dry your hair about 50% or sit under a dryer for 10-15 minutes. You don’t have to do this step but your hair will take quite a while to dry.
  9. Head out the door.
Front View of Big Chop
Front View of Big Chop

And lastly, check out my curl pattern. I’m pretty darn happy. 😉 Will show pics of Day-2-Hair on my personal Instagram page @diedrecallam.

Wash n' Go Curl Pattern
Wash n’ Go Curl Pattern

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