How to Care for Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids using Ya Man Braiding hair


Crochet braids using Expressions hair
Crochet braids using X-pressions Hair

Crochet braids have significantly gained popularity over the last year. The process involves cornrowing/canerowing your natural hair then using a crochet needle or latch-hook to tie strands of hair around the length of your cornrow.

Dahvia's Crochet Braids
Dahvia’s Crochet Braids

About Crochet Braids

There are a number of reasons to do this style. Crochet braids are:

  • An inexpensive but beautiful protective style
  • Can be kept in for a good deal of time, although I don’t not recommend they be kept in longer than 4-6 weeks
  • Easy to maintain and you can take care of your hidden natural hair while sporting this style
  • flexible for styling and hair/scalp care

Right After the Install

'Smooth N' Shine Mousse' and 'Jane Carter Solution's Wrap and Roll Foam'
‘Smooth N’ Shine Mousse’ and ‘Jane Carter Solution’s Wrap and Roll Foam’

After your crochet braids have been styled (curled and dipped in hot water) I recommend using a mousse or wrap/setting foam to set hair. Namely ‘Smooth N’ Shine Mousse‘ or ‘Jane Carter Solution’s Wrap and Roll Foam

At Night

  1. Oil Your Scalp as necessary. I use my Whipped Shea Butter Mixture. You can buy a whipped shea butter HERE.
    Whipped Shea Butter Mixture
    Whipped Shea Butter Mixture
  2. Put hair in a “pineapple” position (which is basically gathering all the hair from the nape up in a super high ponytail at the top of the head)
  3. Sleep with Satin Bonnet

In the Morning

Inspection , Inspection , INSPECTION !

Is the hair dry ?

  • If yes, then we can use oil sheen or simply oil (Olive oil , Jojoba oil , Argon Oil)
Olive Oil and Oil Sheen
Olive Oil and Oil Sheen

Get the Oil Sheen HERE.

How are you edges ?

  • Dry ? Moisturize with Whipped Shea Butter Mixture
  • Need to be laid ? – Use Ossion Ultra Wax Aqua , it provides hold without drying out your edges
Ossion Ultra Wax Aqua
Ossion Ultra Wax Aqua

Are there any stray ends ?

  • If yes , Cut them !
Crochet Braids using Ya Man Braiding hair
Crochet Braids using Ya Man Braiding hair

On Wash Day

  • Hair is best washed in the shower.
  • Apply a conditioning shampoo directly to scalp and massage gently. I always choose to use a conditioning shampoo as opposed to a co-wash while I sport any protective style. This is because it will not make my hair as soft and allow base canerows/cornrows to become loose, hence, improving the longevity of the style .
  • Allow water from the shower to beat down on the top of the head while you gently massage scalp and gently run fingers through crochet braids in a downward motion
  • Towel dry the hair
  • Add a small amount of leave-in conditioner throughout Crochet Braids. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag for at least ten minutes. This, although an optional step, allows hair to be somewhat rehabilitated and also allows the hair to regain softness .

    African Pride Shea Butter Miracle
    African Pride Shea Butter Miracle
  •  Check for curls that may need to be re-curled and dipped in hot water
  •  Dry hair under a hooded dryer or air dry .
6 week old crochet braids
Davia’s 6 week old crochet braids

The blog post was written by crochet braider, Dahvia Wedderburn. Contact her via Whatsapp: 1-876-422-8812 or Email:

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