How to Cornrow Your Own Natural Hair

The Short Cornow Tutorial

The Long CornrowTutorial

Tips for Wearing Cornrows

  1. Start with thoroughly detangled hair. Starting cornrows with tangles make it much more difficult to cornrow your hair smoothly.
  2. How that you know how to cornrow, ensure that your hair is properly moisturised before you begin. This reduces breakage because your hair will be more elastic and pliable when moisturised.
  3. Ensure that your scalp is properly moisturised before and while wearing cornrows. Many people complain about itchy scalp with cornrows. This is often caused by dry scalp. Also, when wearing cornrows, your scalp is usually exposed to air which help to dry out your scalp. So, it’s best to moisturise your scalp with a light oil every couple of days.
  4. Keep your hair tied down at nights and when you are home. This can significantly increase the length of time that you keep your cornrows. Exposing them to the elements and things like rubbing on a pill will reduce the time that they can be worn neatly.