How To: Chunky Braids Extensions

Afro Kinky Marley Twist Extensions
Afro Kinky Marley – Braids  Extensions
Afro Kinky Marley – Braids  Extensions


Chunky braid extensions were one of the most popular styles of 2013. Well, I decided to try doing them myself and I’m pretty happy with my results. This blog post will show you how to achieve my results… or even better.


Afro Kinky Marley Twist Extensions
Afro Kinky Marley Twist Extensions



This style should take you anywhere between 2-4 hours. It took me about 3 hours to complete and I moved rather slowly and was very meticulous about my parting. You may be able to go much faster depending out your skill level. Mine is very low so anyone can do this style.


Sweetest Girl Afro Kinky Braid Hair
Sweetest Girl Afro Kinky Braid Hair


I purchased the Sweetest Girl Afro Kinky Braid Hair from Kris Kut Beauty Supply in Boulevard Center, Jamaica. If you don’t have similar hair available in your area, you can purchase afro kinky hair in our online store HERE. Be sure to select the hair colour that you desire.

The Sweetest Girl Afro Kinky hair was fairly inexpensive and I only needed two packs (two bundles came in each pack). Most people will probably use 3-4 packs but I prefer a more natural, thinner look to my hair.



The strips of  hair can be separated using a vented brush or using fingers. My hair came in strips so I opted to just detangle the ends with a vented brush and fluff out the middle with my fingers. Be sure to read the instructions as not all hair are cared for in the same way. Some should not be rodded and dipped in hot water while others may.


Afro Kinky Marley Twist Extensions
Afro Kinky Marley Twist Extensions



You can grab with your fingers and braid or part with a comb. For consistency, I chose to part my hair and flat twist the sections before parting out my squares (As shown below) by creating large flat twists to ensure the neatness of my braids.

Braid Parting


The hair can be braided in two ways. You can plait in the root and twist the rest or you can twist from the root which gives a more natural appearance. The two videos below display different methods for attaching the kinky braid hair.

This first method is the most commonly used and preferred since the root looks very natural and you cannot detect the addition of artificial hair when properly done.


[youtube id=”chaEsUZV0G8″ width=”667″ height=”356″]


This second method of installing braids extensions involves plaiting the root and twisting the remainder of the hair. Watch this technique below. Please note that you do not have to hot water this hair.


[youtube id=”exTjo68Z0NY” width=”667″ height=”356″]


I did my own marley twists extensions. The video below is not a tutorial video but I do talk about my process.


[youtube id=”-A0gRgV1DTU” width=”667″ height=”356″]



  • Be sure to moisturise your hair before inserting braids.
  • Put in braids on stretched, fully detangled hair to minimize breakage and tangling on removal.
  • Do not keep this hair in for more than 3-4 weeks as it easily mattes and tangles. You don’t want your hair to lock
  • Moisturise your hair regularly and wash you hair with the pads of  your fingers to reduce frizz and breakage near the root.

That’s all for now.

– Keep It Kinky



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