How to Slow & Treat Thinning Skin as We Age

Black Skin Care for Aging Skin

by Nicole Webster of Nicole Webster Makeup

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and drier. Many factors contribute to thinning skin, one of them being loss of elastin (a protective layer of fat that cushions and keeps the skin firm). Elastin helps skin to bounce back in place when stretched. Thinning skin is inevitable. Your skin will thin out as you age. However, in the meantime, you can slow down the process and treat thinning skin with the right practices and products.

Smoking and too much fun in the sun without protection increase your chances of skin damage and will lead to  rapid thinning of the skin.

Black Skin Care for Aging Skin
Black Skin Care for Aging Skin – (Source iStock)

Slow Down & Treat Thinning Skin


Bad habits are a hard thing to break, but it can be done with hard work, determination and support. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and vital nutrients; it degrades the building blocks of the skin, causing skin sagging and deeper wrinkles. Smoking leads to excessive lines around the mouth, darker age spots and discolouration of the skin.

For more on the effects of smoking on your looks and life, visit WebMD.


We all love to feel the warmth of the sun against our skin, however, to much fun in the sun can cause some serious damage.

The sun’s rays cause hyper pigmentation and makes the skin look old and wrinkled years before its time. Too much sun exposure breaks down collagen and the reduces fibres that provide coherence to skin layers. It also causes age spots which can increase over time as we age.

Source – Nicole Webster Makeup
Source – Nicole Webster Makeup

Treating Thinning Skin


To restore collagen and elasticity to the skin, start from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water and adding supplements such as fish oils, flax seeds and vitamin E to your diet will provide you with the supporting nutrients required for your body to produce collagen. Vitamin C, whether taken in food form or supplement, is an essential antioxidant to aid collagen production.


Moisture is the fountain of youth as I like to say, and I truly believe that. When the skin is hydrated, dryness will be kept at bay. Using the right moisturiser for your skin type will not only hydrate the skin but also protect it from environmental stresses and prevent it from drying out. Once you apply your moisturiser, you will notice that as it is being absorbed, your skin becomes smoother, softer, firmer and youthful-looking.

Anti-aging creams and lotions where designed to combat fine lines, dryness, wrinkles, etc and help to restore elasticity to the skin for a more youthful appearance. I recommend the  NW skin care Hydrate Moisturizer; it is over 90% natural and contains key ingredients needed to restore collagen and elasticity while providing a slight plumping action to soften fine lines, wrinkles and smooth the skin’s surface.

Serums are very effective and work more rapidly than lotions and creams, as they are easier for the skin to absorb. I highly recommend  the NW skin care  Essential Omega 3 face oil.  It is an all natural, cold pressed cranberry seed oil with high antioxidant levels makes this an excellent moisturiser with superior conditioning properties; suitable for all skin types.

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