How to Style Quirky & Vintage Clothing


If you like quirky or unusual pieces (like traditional african printed jackets or vintage beaded vests), pair them with something modern and hip (like skinny denim jeans) to keep your look modern, stylish and trendy. Modern silhouettes and trendy pieces provide an updated canvas for your unusual pieces to keep you looking fresh and young.

This model is wearing a nice african-esque printed skirt and shiny oxford-like shoes but she pairs it with a modern semi-sheer  on-trend blouse and belts it at the waist to keep her look updated. It shows tons of personal style that doesn’t look overwhelmingly quirky or distracting.


One Comment on “How to Style Quirky & Vintage Clothing”

  1. Hi Deidre,

    Saw your pic in ‘Images’ in a search I did today. Good stuff you have here!

    I transitioned for 14 months and went fully natural almost a month ago. Loving it. I’ve learned SO much about hair in quite a bit of research I did over the period. I thought I saw every hairstyle under the sun but you’ve given me new ones to try and you make it look so easy! Keep it up girl. Good to see you from all the way over here in Barbados.


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