Bantu Knots / Chiney Bumps
Bhantu Knots parted in grid form

Why You Should Know this Natural Hairstyle

  1. It takes very little skill. You can learn how to do this style in minutes. This is especially good if  you are new to styling natural hair.
  2. This style can be used merely as a way of stretching your hair so you get fewer tangles.
  3. You get two styles in one. You can do this on the weekend for an edgy afro-centric look then release them on Monday morning for a week’s worth of curly styles.
  4. Bantu knot-outs form an excellent base for styling your hair and is fantastic for those of us who love to do curly updos.
  5. Talk about styling on a budget! This style doesn’t require any special products (though holding agents may be used for longevity if desired). Additionally, you may only need a few pins (if desired).