How to Winterize Your Natural Hair Regimen

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If your hair is starting to get dry and brittle from the harsh, cold weather, this article is for you. There are a number of things that you can change in your natural hair regimen to reduce the chances of your hair being dry and dull during the winter. Keep reading to find out some simple steps you can take to maintaining, luscious, healthy and moisturised curls this winter.

  1. MOISTURISE – Moisturise your natural hair with water or a water based product and seal in the moisture with a light oil like coconut oil twice daily. In the summer you may not have needed to do this more that every few days. In the winter, you will need to do this at least once a day (sometimes twice) to maintain the moisture in your hair.
  2. TREATMENTS – Give your hair some heat. Yes. You can add heat to your hair and it’s OK. Do a hot oil treatment with olive oil  and a plastic cap every couple of weeks and sit under the dryer for 10-15 minutes to keep your hair moisturised and strong. I also advocate regular deep moisturising conditioning treatments at least every 2 weeks during a wash session.
  3. PROTECT WITH AND FROM HATS – Hats, especially beanies are accessory staples for many people with natural hair but the wool fabric can be very drying to the hair while grabbing coils and snapping off small pieces at a time. The solution?Wear a satin cap under your beanie to protect your natural strands from being dried out by the wool. You can even hand or machine stick the satin cap to the beanie for easy on and off. Also, don’t forget that hats also help to protect your hair from harsh cold conditions.
  4. PROTECTIVE STYLES – I love scarves. I wear them in different ways all year round. Unfortunately, though, they rub against my hair and dry it out, often times, ruin my style. The solution – a protective style. Protective styles both protect your hair ends from rubbing against your clothing and scarves and protect your hair ends from the drying cold air.Since protective styles keep your hair ends tucked away and reduce daily manipulation, it is easier for your hair to maintain it’s moisture.
Natural Hair in Cold Weather


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