“I’m the Richest Girl” by Etana

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Jamaican Musician, Etana
Jamaican Musician, Etana

Born Shauna McKenzie on May 22, 1983, Etana is a popular reggae singer from Kingston Jamaica. Her new name, Etana, means ‘the strong one’ in Swahili.

The Reggae soul songstress focuses on uplifting messages complimented by inspirational sounds. Her soulful music leaves her fans on a natural and spiritual high.  She aspires to and possibly already Inspiring and changing lives through music and philanthropy.

In the early 2000s, Etana recognised the power of music and its widespread influence, especially upon the youth; that realisation prompted a seismic shift in her career trajectory. Living in Florida at the time where she was studying to become a nurse, she left college to join the female pop-R&B trio Gift.

Ever since the release of her first single in 2007, “Wrong Address”, was followed by “Roots”, which cautions the younger generation to maintain their culture (“you cyan water down and dilute, you cyan hide the truth from the youths”).

Her debut album for VP Records “The Strong One” was released in 2008 to extensive acclaim while her sophomore album “Free Expressions” including her deeply emotional rendering on “Free”, broadened her fan base.

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