Janelle Gordon: Loc’d and Lovely

Twenty-seven year old, Janelle Gordon, grabbed my attention with her piercing eyes and gorgeous locs as a model on the Twists and Curves website. The Jamaican native and Bridgeport, Connecticut resident holds a BA in Communications  and works as a designer and model while freelancing on the side (doing locs of course). 
Janelle’s hair history is rare. No, not in a strange way, but this lady has never had a relaxer, perm or weave! Cool, right? Not many of us can say that.  She’s been loc’d since 2006 and and Keep it Kinky is going to tell you all about her locs and along the way, you’ll find out a little bit more about Miss Gordon.
I see you are modeling for Twists and Curves Salon. You took fabulous pictures. Who have you worked for?
I model for designers and photographers who book me for gigs as well as train aspiring models. I was referred to Maria of Twists and Curves by a mutual friend and designer. We have worked together on different occasions and plan to continue working together on future projects. At the moment , however, I am taking a pause from modeling to focus on my growing family. It’s good to step away and come back refreshed.

You have absolutely beautiful locs. Why did you decide to loc your hair and how did you start your locs?

 I have always loved and had a great appreciation for locs. and I do mean all locs… long, short, kept, unkempt, bobo dreads, sister locs. ALL. I just like natural hair. I remember as a little girl in Jamaica seeing the Rastafarian men flashing their locs in the sea and I knew I wanted that for myself. Before locking my hair, I used to wear it out and wild. After college, I felt it was time. I used to twist my hair regularly, but decided it was time to stop half stepping it and commit and I did. I didn’t go to a hair-dresser to have them started. I wanted the process to be as natural as possible, so I just let it lock up on its own. After several months ,I began training them. They have been growing ever since.

Very untraditional start you had there. Most people don’t start their locs like that. How do you care for them now?
No one has ever treated or twisted my locs except for me. Maria of Twist and Curves is the only loctician who I have allowed to style my hair. I treat my hair with coconut oil, shea butter and occasionally loc gel. I also keep in mind that my hair needs a break from time to time. I don’t tend to twist every week or every other week for that matter. Sometimes I go months without retwisting, but massage frequently for stimulation. You have to let your hair breath. Also, I’ve noticed that my hair has growth spurts whenever I return from my yearly trips home to Jamaica. Sea water, good food, and lots of sunshine does magic for my hair. The best treatments for the hair must come from the best source…nature.

Nice. What is your favorite hairstyle?

I’m not sure I have a favorite hairstyle, but the simplest style is to throw my hair on top of my head like a crown. Saves time and takes very little effort.

Do you think you’ll ever cut your locs?
I don’t plan of cutting hair any time soon, but I’ve always had a desire to cut my hair off completely. My guess is, if I do cut my hair, I would start new locs. I think it’s necessary to cleans the body, mind and spirit.

What advice would you give to women who are newly locked?
Making the choice to go natural seems so simple, but there are often multiple factors that affect the individual. Patience is the number one key to getting past the first stages.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us Janelle. 

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