Karmen from Chicago on Straightening & Colouring Her Natural Hair

Natural Hair dyed with manic panic purple hase
Karmen sporting Curlformer curls on natural hair

Name: Karmen aka xCin75x
From: Chicago, USA
Natural Since: 8/7/10

Karmen’s hair dyed with manic panic purple hase

KiK: Hey Karmen. I notice that you mostly wear your hair straight but don’t have a relaxer. What made you decide to wear your natural hair?

Karmen: I decided to go natural because I wanted to continue colouring my hair. I didn’t start wearing natural styles till about a year after my big chop. I started wearing natural styles because I wanted to use less heat on my hair

Karmen’s purple and blue flat-ironed natural hair

KiK: OK, so what is your natural hair regimen?

Karmen: I wash once a week and the products I use frequently change. My regimen changes often to but this is what I always go back to. I do a hot oil treatment for about 30 min before I shampoo and once a month the oil treatment is replaced with a mayo treatment for protein. After the treatment I wash with shampoo twice, the shampoos I like to use usually have sulphates to clean my hair but are not stripping. After I shampoo I detangle with a rinse out conditioner. Once detangled I rinse out the conditioner then apply my deep conditioner with a little bit of oil on top and leave that in for at least 30 min sometimes with heat (depends on my mood). After that I rinse it out and style.

Karmen has retained a lot of  length despite regular colouring and straightening with a flat-iron

KiK:  What do you think is the number one hair mistake that black women make?

Karmen: They don’t moisturise enough. I find my hair is always happy when it is moisturised.

[youtube id=”NMepJKZBG5E” width=”667″ height=”356″]

KiK: What are your favourite hair products that you need to survive?

You:  I always need 3 things, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and an oil. All of those things keep my hair moisturised.

KiK: Have you had any issues with colouring your natural hair?

Karmen: I have changed my hair colour just a few too many times and it is now dry and delicate but I have figured out a new way to remove colour without extra damage. To take care of the dry and delicateness, I am more gentle and I just keep it moisturised.

The video below shows Karmen’s last colour removal and dye job.

[youtube id=”9eLqfAcL7sA” width=”667″ height=”356″]
Karmen’s Heat-Altered Hair Texture

KiK: It is no secret that continuous heat causes the alteration of your natural curl pattern. You, however, seem to experience impressive length retention and minimal breakage. How do you do that?

Karmen: My curl pattern is altered but I’m not entirely attached to my natural curl pattern, but, recently I decided to try and grow out my natural curl by using less heat but I will still be straightening my hair just not as often. I retain length but keeping my hair moisturised and and getting trims when needed.

Wash n’ Go on Karmen’s natural hair

KiK:  Thanks for doing this feature. Where can we keep up with your natural hair journey online?

Karmen: You will be able to keep up with me on my YouTube channel but you can keep up with exact dates on my Tumblr.

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  1. I’ve aaalways been in love with her hair. Awesome. She inspired me to colour block with plum once I’m fully transitioned. Question to Karmen- how do you ensure that you get the true colour you want after bleaching?

    1. Hey Zaneta. Thanks for reading and visiting KiK. I hope you’ve read the magazine too.

      Karmen has lots of videos on how she colours her hair and what she uses on her YouTube channel. You should check them out… just in case she doesn’t see this question. They should help quite a bit.

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