Kickstart Your Healthy Journey
    1. DRINK UP
      Women drinking water
      Before you stop reading, I’m not going to tell you to stop drinking soda. LOL. Truth is, most of us are taking in wayyy more sugar than is recommended by health professionals. Sweet drinks are one of the main sources  of sugar. If you can’t, don’t cut it out all together.Instead, at each meal, pour your drink into a cup. Once that cup is finished, opt for a glass or water instead. This will help you to increase your recommended water intake and significantly reduce your sugar intake without much thought and effort.
      African woman lifting weights

      15 minutes everyday sounds like a lot, right? LOL. Well, not when you’re doing it while watching your favourite show on Netflix. I literally do a split screen on my computer, mute the 15 minute 1 Mile Walk and watch a TV show while working out. I’m usually done walking long before the show is over… and I’ve walked an entire mile. That’s 7 miles more than I used to walk every week. It’s worth it.
    1. RELAX

      Stress is a trigger for countless illnesses. An extra 5 minutes in the bathroom alone (if you have kids) or setting aside time to go to the salon for a bi-weekly manicure may be all you need. Take time to relax each with – and no, I’m not talking about TV time. That is still using up your energy. Do something that is truly relaxing and requires little or no brain work. Consider meditation or yoga. YouTube has tons of videos of different lengths that are 100% free and can get you started.
      This one sounds hard but it’s really easy. Just do it. Stop storing junk food in your house. If it’s there, you’re going to eat it. Yes, you may drive to the store to get ice cream a few times a week but I guarantee you that you’re more likely to pig out on ice-cream nightly if it’s at arm’s reach in the refrigerator.
    Say no to emotional baggage