Cynthia Natural Hair Style Star
Natural Hair Style Star, Cynthia from NYC
Cynthia in vintage from Etsy,  F21 pants, a tank & Bag & Heels from Zara
Cynthia in vintage fur, F21 pants, a printed tank and bag & heels from Zara
Cynthia wearing a  J. Pearl Couture Jumpsuit
Cynthia wearing a J. Pearl Couture Jumpsuit
Cynthia stuns in a Windowpane dress,  Zara leather bag, pumps,  sunglasses and  faux Mango leather jacket
Cynthia in a Windowpane dress, Zara bag/pumps/sunglasses & faux Mango leather jacket
Cynthia in her signature skinny jeans
Cynthia wears an H&M blouse/jeans, vintage coach from Etsy & signature skinny jeans
Cynthia wearing a twist-out puff
Cynthia wearing a twist-out pony puff
Cynthia's Perfect Twist-out
Cynthia’s Perfect Twist-out
Cynthia:   Here’s the deal on my defined twists:
Start w/conditioned and wet hair. For each individual twist, I use pea size amount of Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie + small pump (not a full pump) of Organix coconut milk mousse. If hair feels dry, spray water- we want this sucker wet. Try to keep both strands about the same size. I don’t prescribe to any particular twisting technique, but I tend to twist more on the tight side rather than relaxed or loose. While a gel might give firmer hold- I find the mousse gives a healthy bouncy hold and hair looks fuller. Also my ends might get a little extra love with argan/ coconut oil and I trim a lil’ every time I twist- I’m not going for length so doesn’t bother me. Oh, one last thing, the better your hair comes out after the wash, the better the twists- so your shampoo/co-wash/ condition steps are just as important. I had a bad conditioner experience and my twists looked dry and dead. 
Cynthia in a Zara blouse,  Vintage coach bag,  Etsy Necklace and H&M,  Vince Camuto Sandals
Cynthia in a Zara blouse, Vintage coach bag, Etsy Necklace and H&M,Vince Camuto Sandals