KiK Style Star: Trish from the USA

Trish - Style Star from LA

KiK: Tell us about yourself.

Trish Lindo: My name is Trish Lindo. I don’t like to say my age but let’s say I’m older than I look:-) I’m a digital entertainment producer residing in Los Angeles, CA (USA).

Tropical Summer Romper
@urbanouyfitters romper – $30 / @bcbgeneration wedges – $35

KiK:  Describe your fashion style and does your fabulous hair play a part in your personal style?

Trish Lindo: It’s always been difficult for me to describe my style because I dress according to my mood. The closest would be funky All American (shrugs) My hair is definitely an exceptional accessory. Since I went natural a few years ago, it’s helped me define my personal style and encouraged me to be fearless. If I’m wearing my hair big and frizzy I feel like I can do anything like run for president or something. When it’s in a bun, I feel chic and sophisticated and somewhat demure. I love it.

Trish in her French Connection Beaded Dress
Trish in her French Connection Beaded Dress

KiK:  What are your 3 favourite items of clothing?

Trish Lindo: I love all my clothes but if I must choose. I have a blue and white striped cropped jacket from H&M that I adore. Rihanna also wore the same jacket in the What’s My Name video and I was like she knows style;-)
I have a pair of vintage Rock and Republic jeans that just makes my butt look incredible. I work out 3 to 4 times a week to make sure I still fit in them #truestory. I have a fabulous French Connection navy beaded dress that I’m in love with. I’ve worn it with boots and with heels and it always stuns!

@Target dress /  biker leather jacket, Zara / studded ankle boots ,  RachelRoy at Macys.
@Target dress / biker leather jacket, Zara / studded ankle boots , RachelRoy at Macys.

KiK:  Name your favourite places to shop?

Trish Lindo: I will shop anywhere. I’m not exclusive at all. I find great pieces at high end stores to resale stores. It’s it’s stylish I’m buying it. Here are a few places that I frequent because they have great sales.

J Crew- I always find beautiful jewelry and clothes at this store. They have great sales that I rarely ever can resist.
Gap- Once again excellent sales. Their jeans fits me very well. So when I go in there I know I can find great washes and styles that fit my body type.
Zara- Who doesn’t love Zara. I love just taking a look at their trends
Urban Outfitters- great sales and I usually can find unique pieces
Made by DWC resale store downtown LA.
Online: Pixie Market, ASOS, Sole Society, all these stores have well priced fashion that I can’t live without

 gap tie dye shorts - $10 /  jcrew leopard espadrilles - $40 /  @urbanoutfitters necklace - $15
gap tie dye shorts – $10 / jcrew leopard espadrilles – $40 / urban outfitters necklace – $15

KiK:  What is your favourite hairstyle and how do you maintain your hair?

Trish Lindo: I really don’t have a favorite hairstyle. I just go with whatever my hair feels like doing. Sometimes it wants to be big and not in a bun and I just go with it. I remember I used to be in awe of women who had natural hair, and now I’m one of them. So I feel confident and cool. l  I maintain my hair by deep conditioning with a steamer once a week. Co-wash once a week. I only do twist outs. I used to wash and go but my hair was just so tangled I stopped doing it. I trim my ends like every two months or less it just depends on what’s going on with my hair. My hair is low porosity with a sensitivity to Aloe Vera, Protein, and Glycerin. It took me two and half years to figure this out. One or more of those ingredients makes my hair feel like a brillo pad. Everything I see most YouTubers using that works wonders for their hair, is usually the absolute worst for my hair. So it’s been quite a journey discovering what really works for my hair. I tried Big Hair UK products early last year and it was the best thing for my hair, however it’s based in the UK and the shipping costs is way over my budget.

Trish's natural hair
Trish’s natural hair

KiK:  How do you wear your hair and what are your 3 favourite hair products?

Trish Lindo: My three favorite products are:

boohoofficial navy crop top / print wide leg pants /  necklace ardenb
boohoofficial navy crop top / print wide leg pants / necklace arden b

KiK:  How do you select what you are going to wear each day? What is your process?

Trish Lindo: I am so last minute unless i have somewhere really important to go. I usually choose what I’m going to wear the morning. It’s according to my mood. So if I’m feeling like a rocker or the girl next door it all gets determined on the spot. I tried choosing clothes the night before but I would end up changing my mind in the morning because of how I feel. I’m grateful that I have a lot of clothes that reflect my various moods

Trish – KiK Style Star
Trish – KiK Style Star

KiK:  Where can we keep up with you online?

Trish Lindo: You can usually find me on instagram, twitter that’s where I’m most active under Trishlindostyle. I’m also on Tumblr, Pinterest, and I also have a website of the same name, but honestly I don’t post to it regularly due to work demands. My goal is to do a better job with it this year. Wish me luck!

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