Ms. Seiveright’s bravery and strength in sharing this experience should be celebrated and respected, and her story should be spread for all people to read. It is my absolute honour to share her story and I hope that this post impacts you positively. Share this story with a woman, or man you know today.

Relationship Abuse Surviver, Kimberly Seiveright 1
Abuse Surviver, Kimberly Seiveright homepage She told me to call the police. I said no because my mother was home sleeping and I did not want her to know. So we went to the police station instead and filed a report. My ex was arrested a few days later. I also put a restraining order on him that is still active to this day. One of the girls he said he cheated on me with called and text my phone saying I put him in jail, I’m a b*tch and that when she see me she’s going to fight me.I even had to go to the hospital and get a tetanus shot to prevent infection from a bite like that.
Abuse Surviver, Kimberly Seiveright
Wearing bangs to cover the scars
A strong and beautiful Kimberly poses for the camera
I post this because I just want my story to be heard. I hope someone see these pictures. See what “little bite” I put him in jail for. I dont care if it was just a scratch. I still would of left him. Physical and verbal abuse is NOT OKAY and I dont wish that on anybody.

Have you been abused?