Brandy's Natural Hair Wig/Weave
Curly Hair Wig
Slim vs plus-size model
A straight and curly wig
Afro Kinky Twist Extensions
Toni Daley
  1. A weave, wig or braids style is NOT a natural hairstyle. It’s not natural. It’s artificial… ’cause they can’t see my real hair – only the fake hair.
  2. My hair is beautiful. OK, fine, it’s not that great when I wake up with it smushed in the morning, but I can style it to show it’s God-given beauty.
  3. You don’t compare. I try never to compare my strands to those on other women’s heads. It’s the same in life. I live mine – you live yours. I don’t envy you. What God has given to me is good enough so I work towards my best hair the same way I work towards my best life.