My Nightime Transitioning Hair Routine

Transitioning Hair Care
Transitioning Hair: 11 Months Post Relaxer
Transitioning Hair: 11 Months Post Relaxer

Maintaining transitioning hair can get really tricky. It can be hard to manage the two textures, but keeping your hair stretched and moisturised will be your key to managing your soon-to-be natural hair. For me, it’s all in my nighttime routine.

Transitioning Hair 11 Months Post Relaxer
Transitioning Hair 11 Months Post Relaxer

Here is how I prep my hair at night for moisturised and stretched hair that is ready for styling in the morning.

  1. SECTION. I part and clip my hair into 4-5 sections.
  2. MOISTURISE. Working in sections, I moisturise my hair with a water-based moisturiser. My two favourite moisturisers are 1. the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter (which melts my tangles) and 2. water. If I’m out of my moisture butter, just misting with water is enough once I do the next step.
  3. SEAL. I always seal in the moisture with a light oil. My favourite is Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil but any natural oil like extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil will do.
  4. PLAIT or TWIST. I plait my hair in the respective section right after applying my oil. This additionally helps to lock in the moisture for the night and stretch out the roots of my hair.
  5. COVER IT UP. I usually either sleep with a satin cap, scarf or on a satin pillowcase. This reduces the likelihood of a cotton pillowcase drying out my freshly moisturised hair.

The next morning, all you have to do is take down the plaits and finger-detangle. I rarely detangle with a comb in the morning. Most of my transitioning hairstyle don’t require it.

That’s all folks. I basically just plait my hair in 4 every night. If I’m lucky, I get a cute braid-out in the morning but I always end up with stretched and moisturised hair.  You can watch the video below to see my 11 month transitioning update and see how my hair turns out in the morning.


[youtube id=”jHC7A5Ku2Ds” width=”667″ height=”356″]

Thanks for reading and Keep it Kinky!

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