Nakeisha’s with short and longer natural hair
Side profile showing excellent weight loss progress over 1 year
KiK: You’ve lost a lot of weight in the recent years. Why did you go on a weight loss journey and how much have you lost? (You can also mention whether you plan to lose more or your weight goal target.)

NJ: I started my fit4life journey in October of 2011. I remember reading in the Bible Proverbs 31:17 and it says “She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” I knew if her arms are strong she must be strong. I wanted to be like this woman God talked about in His Word. So I knew I needed to get in shape. Also my midsection was a big problem area for me and I researched on the health risks associated with having a waist measurement of 35 inches or higher (heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer and other diseases). That was a wake up call for me too. I’ve lost a total of 33 lbs. My starting weight was 185 lbs and my current weight is 152 lbs. My goal was to get 145 lbs. I’m still working on sculpting my body even more.

Front profile showing weight loss between September 2011 and November 2012
KiK: What is your exercise regimen?

NJ: I try my best to workout 6 days a week. It’s a combination of cardio & strength training. I do a variety of workouts that range from Taebo workouts, Jillian Michaels workouts, power-walking or jogging. At the moment I’ve been rotating through my Jillian Michaels workouts
Nakeisha with shorter shrunken natural hair
it’s as simple as that…. there’s no secret to it… You just have to do something about it & don’t give up no matter how long it takes you.
Nakeisha’s weight loss from January – November 2012 shows that she is winning
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