Natural Cornrow Hairstyle by Natalie

Natural Hair Cornrows Hairstyle

Why do we natural-haired women think that we must be able to handle our natural hair on our own? Well, a couple of health challenges has been making hair self-maintenance a real challenge for me but it was a much-needed wake-up call. After a successful ponytail baggy deep condition, my arms and hair screamed, “WOMAN, TAKE ME TO A HAIRDRESSER!” LOL. I gave in and went to a salon to get a natural cornrow hairstyle.

I got my cornrow hairstyle done at Natalie’s Hair in Premier Plaza (Kingston, Jamaica). Get this – she’s having a special on cornrows for JM $800 (about US $8) and over depending on the style. The special ends soon so hurry and get your Christmas style done. I’m gonna try to head back to get my nails done this week too. Check out the picture of the business card that my friend sent to me below.

Check out more close-ups of the hairstyle below.

The style was inspired by@ maine_stream on Instagram though I didn’t add any artificial hair. They have tons of beautiful cornrow hairstyles that I like. Her creativity is definitely something to admire. Cornrows are great for easy protective styling because they last 2-3 weeks (depending on your hair and rate of growth) and are quick and easy to create. Check out the style by maine_stream below.

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