Proper Hair Care Routine For High Porosity Hair

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We recently did a post on hair porosity, so you should know your hair’s porosity and how its affect your natural hair care regimen by now. Today’s post, written by Trials n’ Tresses, give your details on how to deal with high porosity hair.

High Porosity Natural Hair Care
High Porosity Natural Hair Care

Natural hair is a journey. I don’t label it as hard or easy, but it is certainly a journey in which you must learn your hair in order to adapt to its needs. When you have figured that out, or understood what is required for a successful hair journey by your standards, then caring for your natural hair will become a lot easier for you. It is crucial and beneficial to have a proper natural hair care routine for high porosity hair or you will find your self dealing with a whole new slew of issues in regards to damage, breakage and much more. Why?

The porosity of your hair refers to your hair’s ability to absorb moisture and retain it that moisture.

If your hair is categorised as ‘High Porosity’, it means your hair absorbs moisture very easily/quickly because your cuticle is raised. It is possible to absorb too much moisture, as well as lose that moisture quickly. This is usually a sign of highly dry or damaged hair that breaks off and sheds very frequently.  hair. One of the characteristics of high porosity hair, is it lacks shine, lustre.

If your hair is categorized as ‘Low Porosity’ your hair is very resistant to absorbing moisture and you find yourself with loads of buildup because products are simply sitting on your hair. The cuticle of your low porosity hair is very closely compact. Once you do moisturize however your hair is able to retain this moisture for quite some time. While this may seem like a great thing low porosity hair often lacks elasticity therefore can also be susceptible to breakage.

So let’s dive into what the necessities are for a proper hair care routine for high porosity hair.

Proper Natural Hair Care Routine For High Porosity Hair

1. Deep Condition: I think you should be deep conditioning with any hair type or texture of natural hair because it is just that important of a step in your hair care regimen. However when you have high porosity hair it is especially important to properly moisturize and seal with an effective moisture based deep conditioner. The heavier kind if better in this instance. Make sure to rinse the hair with cold water to help “close” the cortex of the hair as much as possible/

2. Avoid Heat: In most instances high porosity hair has experienced some form of trauma that has caused the cuticle to drastically open and remain opened. Either your hair has been damaged by heat, or chemicals and adding heat will only make the situation worse. You will have to deal with immense amounts of dryness and further damaging of the hair. There are many heat free alternatives to straightening and curling your hair that you should look into before grabbing the curling or flat iron.

3. Detangle frequently & gently: Because your cuticle remains open you are susceptible to loads of tangles. The best thing when dealing with hair that becomes detangled and is highly porous is to invest in a really great detangler and your fingers! Gently detangling is crucial with highly porous hair because you don’t want to cause any more damage or breakage. I suggest using a thick conditioner with great slip and adding in olive or coconut oil to help you with the process.

4. Protein Treatments: Your hair needs protein but with high porosity hair you need more protein because so much of it escapes easily along side the moisture. Frequent protein treatments will help strengthen your hair and limit/decrease shedding/breakage. I suggest using a protein treatment once a month if it is a weak or mild protein treatment. For stronger protein treatments (such as the ApHogee protein treatment) I suggest treatments every 6-8 weeks.

5. Heavier products: I mentioned it a bit earlier but I’ll reiterate my point. With highly porous hair lighter products will not be as effective in maintaining or balancing proper moisture or protein levels in your hair. When shopping for products for high porosity hair go for the products labeled butters, cremes, and puddings. These will help to add the moisture you need to your hair, and seal with a nice heavy oil such as Coconut, Avocado or Olive oil.

6. Anti Humectants: Besides heavier products you want to also use anti humectants in your hair (especially if you live in a very humid climate). Aloe Vera gel/ juice will become your best friend as a woman dealign with high porosity hair. Check for products that possess Aloe in them to serve as anti humectants when you step out into the environment.

Do you have high porosity hair? If so, how do you deal/manage it? Leave your thoughts or comments below!

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