Natural Hair Feature: Soliyana from Ethiopia

Natural Curly 3c Hair

Name: Soliyana Fekadesellasie
From: Ethiopia

Curly natural hair
Curly natural hair

KiK: How long have you been natural?
SF:  I’ve been natural all my life. I love the fullness of it. My favorite hairstyle it big and curly.

KiK: What is your hair regimen?
SF:  Wash it every other day so it doesn’t get oily. Leave a little leave in conditioner. Flat iron it it sometimes.

Soliyana's natural flat-ironed hair
Soliyana’s natural flat-ironed hair

KiK: What is your favourite hair product and why?
SF:  Pantene products, because they agree with my hair and smell wonderful.

Curly natural hair
Curly natural hair

KiK: Hahaha. Cool. So what is your favourite hair site?
SF:  It’s a tumblr blog called naturealhair

Soliyana is clearly happy with her curly natural hair

KiK: Where online can we keep up with your journey?
SF:   Facebook (soliyana fekade) or Twitter @colorme_solana


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