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In case you missed the review, I’m a fairly dedicated fan of Head Cases. If you haven’t been able to catch up, Head Cases is a reality show that solves the hair care problems of everyday clients and reconditions the crazy lives that have led to them. This season focuses on women with natural hair. Check out the episodes  for the entire season below.

 Episode 1: Felicia Leatherwood (@lovingyourhair), celebrity hair stylist and natural hair guru takes on the hair woes of Apryl, who’s tired of having her hair play second fiddle.

[youtube id=”R1gUJzj_Ui4″ width=”667″ height=”356″]

 Episode 2: Felicia Leatherwood,  natural hair guru, consults with Amanda, whose boyfriend is having issues with her transition to natural hair.

[youtube id=”yRl83HehRO4″ width=”667″ height=”356″]

 Episode 3: In this episode, Felicia helps Doriean, who struggles with maintaining her hair before she goes to bed.

[youtube id=”nepaVoMfO_Q” width=”667″ height=”356″]

 Episode 4: Alex who lives an active lifestyle has been natural for 2 years and doesn’t know what her curl pattern is. Felicia teaches her about her curl pattern and the best way to manage her hair.

[youtube id=”2sy2OlviofE” width=”667″ height=”356″]

 Episode 5: Seaundra consults Felicia about wearing her natural hair in a professional and learning environment, after a classroom incident leaves her scarred.

[youtube id=”oDpI8PhZnS8″ width=”667″ height=”356″]

 Episode 6: In the season finale of Head Cases, Felicia helps Dennisha create 3 quick hairstyles in under 10 minutes so she can get back to being a busy working mom of two toddlers.

[youtube id=”mh-JTAsKNzU” width=”667″ height=”356″]

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