Chevanne's bad relaxer
Side view of alopecia baldness
Progress of growth for bald spot (Alopecia)
Bun and braid-out on blow natural hair
Chevanne's fully natural hair
Chevanne's loose natural hair
Chevanne's twist-out
  1. The “I don’t have the time let’s do this” method: Once I exit the shower, I put my hair into medium to large sized twists (I twist on damp hair and with shea butter) and let them dry. This lasts for at least 2-3 days and I maintain it by putting my hair into a pineapple. Shake and go for the next day. By the third day the definition is gone so I put it into a high bun.

  1. Definition method. I get an Aloe vera leaf from my Mom’s garden and scrape out the gel. I put my hair into about 10-11 sections and apply the aloe vera gel and then, on top of that, shea butter to my hair. Of the 10-11 sections, each section ends up having maybe 4 twists. I twist all the way down to the ends and do a chiney bump at the end. It takes about 4 days for my hair to completely dry with this method but when I unravel the twists it lasts for an entire week.
Chevanne's twists unravelled (twist-out hairstyle)
Mini twists on natural hair
  1. Don’t be afraid to get to know your hair. See which products work, which side to let your hair fall to let you look extra cute, how tight is too tight for your scalp… etc
  2. Have go to styles because days will come when your hair won’t cooperate. I subscribe to the high bun life.
  3. Youtube will become your new bestie! You can always find encouragement from Youtubers and hair care tips too.
  4. Take pictures. When you’re frustrated that your hair isn’t growing you can always look back at your progress.
  5. Don’t get length obsessed. I know this all too well. Inhale. Exhale. It’s growing. Don’t worry.
  6. Patience. Yes, you’ve heard it ever so often. But, really, enjoy your journey. You’ll look up and notice how fast time goes by and how much your hair has grown.