Natural Hair Profile: Deirdre from Barbados

Natural Hair Twist-out on Tapered Afro Hairut

Name: Deirdre Letitia Gittens

Occupation: Freelance Journalist/Media Practitioner

From: Barbados

Natural Since: June 27, 2011


Deirdre in the relaxed hair days
Deirdre in the relaxed hair days

KiK:  When and why did you go natural?

Deirdre: In May of 2011 I decided that I would go through with returning natural…I had unsuccessfully tried like 2 or 3 times before but always gave in and relaxed it. I decided to go back natural because 1) I missed my natural hair at times and 2) I didn’t feel as though I was getting enough out of my relaxer, in a week or two I’d have a few inches of new growth so I thought, what is the point?

Deirdre's wash and go on natural hair
Deirdre’s wash and go on natural hair

KiK:  How did you go from relaxed to natural?

Deirdre: I don’t even know if I would really call it a transition, but I stopped using relaxer and had it braided for about a month and a half…then one day I removed a braid and chopped off the relaxed ends and was all fussy and surprised by the curl, and that same weekend, I went to my next door neighbour (who ironically at the time was a hairstylist) and got it all chopped off!

Natural Hair Twist-out on Tapered Afro Hairut
Twist-out on Tapered Afro Haircut

KiK:  What is your current hair regimen?

Deirdre: To be honest, since getting my first tapered cut in June 2014 I kind of slacked on my regimen which is just co-washing and sometimes shampooing (depending on the build-up) each week and deep conditioning every 2-3 weeks.

A fresh wash and go on Deidre's current tapered haircut
Wash and go on Deirdre’s current tapered haircut

KiK:  What are your favourite products that you use?

Deirdre: My favourite (and honestly only products) are Tresemme Conditioner for Natural and Wavy hair and Eco-Styler Gel, my favourite is the Argan Oil.

Roll, pin and tuck on longer natural hair
Roll, pin and tuck on longer natural hair

KiK:  What is your favourite hairstyle and how do you achieve and maintain it?

Deirdre: Well since my hair is currently faded and tapered and I’m enjoying the laziness of my short cut, I just wear my curls defined by using my Eco-Styler Gel. Maintenance is pretty simple, a satin bonnet each night and to refresh my curls I spritz my hair with water and “sweat out” my curls by using a plastic bag (because shower caps are tooo small for my thick hair). So when I’m ready to go I remove the bag, fluff and either define or pin where needed.

Tapered natural haircut
Tapered natural haircut

KiK: Have you ever coloured your hair? If yes, how did it affect your hair and what advice do you have for others who want to colour their natural hair?

Deirdre: Yes! I’m looking to explore colour again (my hair is currently jet-black)..but honestly I usually have a pretty solid regimen so it doesn’t affect my hair other than than the initial dryness a day or two after colouring. My advice is if you take care of your hair before, during and after colouring, you will be fine! But, if your hair is in bad condition and you colour it, it won’t make it  better and then some persons usually  blame it on the colour.

A High Puff on Bleached Natural Hair
A High Puff on Bleached Natural Hair

KiK: What advice do you have for others who are newly natural or struggling to stay natural?

Deirdre: I’d say two things, for newly naturals do you and enjoy your journey – don’t get caught up in other peoples’ journey, especially Youtubers, thinking you need to purchase every item they have (especially since half are endorsed or sponsored) and if your bored or struggling to stay natural try something new, whether it be a colour or cut or style OR a protective style, these usually make you appreciate and miss your hair.

Undercut with rolled side on an old wash and go
Undercut with rolled side on an old wash and go

KiK:  Thanks for doing this feature. Where can we keep up with you or your 
hair journey online?

Deirdre: You can find me on Youtube HERE or on  Instagram @deirdreletitia

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