Natural Hair Profile: Monica from Tennessee

Tapered Afro


Tapered Afro
Monica’s Current Tapered Afro

Name: Monica
Occupation: College Student
From: Athens, Tennessee
Natural Since: August 2008

Monica's longer naturally curly hair
Monica’s longer naturally curly hair

KiK: When and why did you go natural?

Monica: I never really liked my hair and I would never do anything with it except put it in a bun or ponytail. In college, my friend showed me how to wrap my hair so I could actually wear it down. I was thrilled. I stopped getting perms in 2008 and wanted to see what my hair would do. I had no idea I would fall in love with my hair, FINALLY! I was vain in the beginning and wanted really long hair so I decided to do away with relaxers. I’m so glad I did.

[youtube id=”r7IAfQNdcnQ” width=”667″ height=”356″]

KiK: How did you go from relaxed to natural? I wore sew-ins for a year straight and boy, did I see great results!

Monica: This protective style definitely gave my natural hair a break.

Front view of Monica's tapered afro
Front view of Monica’s tapered afro

KiK: What is your current hair regimen?

Monica: Lately, I have been washing my hair once or twice a week since I big chopped almost 3 months ago. I will use a sulfate free shampoo one day and then a few days later, I will cowash my hair with a product of my choice. I started using perm rods and I’m in love! The style lasts for days. I don’t like to over manipulate my strands. When my hair feels dry, I will moisturize as needed. I definitely believe in deep conditioning your hair once or twice a week. Deep conditioning your hair is a must! After I moisturize my hair, I always seal with an oil to trap in the moisture. Please, don’t forget to seal your hair. You hair will thank you, I promise.

[youtube id=”21CKe2k9juE” width=”667″ height=”356″]

KiK: What are your favourite products that you use?

Monica: Maaaaan, I am a product junkie, no lye (haha)!!! I have tons of products but Shea Moisture products are BAE!!!! I always go back to them. Anything from Shea Moisture works for my hair.

Current Tapered Afro
Current Tapered Afro

KiK: What is your favourite hairstyle and how do you achieve and maintain it?

Monica: When I had longer hair, I loved twist outs, that was the easiest style for me. The older the twist out, the better my hair looked. Twist outs are amazing! Since I’ve big chopped, I love a wash n go or perm rods. After my wash n go gets frizzy, I will use aloe vera juice and a little bit of lavender essential oil in a spray bottle to refresh my curls. When I get tired of the perm rods, I will wash my hair and start all over when the style gets old. Always, always, always use a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case at night. You must keep your hair protected.

short and long natural hair

KiK: Have you ever coloured your hair?

Monica: Yes I have. I colored using Shea Moisture’s Hair Coloring System in Bright Auburn. It was a beautiful color.

Monica's long natural hair
Monica’s long, coloured natural hair


KiK: What advice do you have for others who are newly natural or struggling to stay natural?

Monica: It definitely is a process but hang in there. Being natural is so much fun and flat out fabulous! Try different styles and just have fun with it. Youtube is an awesome tool for style inspiration. Keep hope alive.

Monica's tapered afro
Monica’s tapered afro

KiK: Where can we keep up with you on your hair journey online?

Monica: I’m all over the place!! IG: justbreezy03, FB: Black, Blessed & Nappy


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