Natural Hair Profile: Monique from Jamaica

Mini rodded rope twists in a twist-out
Name: Monique Spence
Occupation: Nursing Student
From: Trelawny, Jamaica
Natural Hair Since: 2010
Monique's natural hair
Monique’s natural hair
KiK:  When and why did you transition to natural hair?
Monique:  I went natural in 2010 because my dad said so. My hairdresser kept cutting my hair each time I permed my hair and my dad did not like that. 
KiK:  How did you go from relaxed to natural hair?
Monique:  I transitioned for one year. 
Mini rodded rope twists in a twist-out
Mini rodded rope twists in a twist-out
KiK:  What is your current natural hair regimen? 
Monique:  I wash my hair every two weeks. This includes washing with my DIY Shampoo, then deep conditioning with a moisturizing deep conditioner, conditioning with my favorite conditioner, then lastly, using my leave-in and then moisturizing with my coconut oil. Every 6 months I’ll opt for a protein treatment instead of a moisturizing deep condition.
Monique's first successful wash, define and go hairstyle
Monique’s first successful wash, define and go hairstyle
KiK:  What are your hair favourite products to use?
Monique:  My favourite hair products to use are coconut oil, Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Elongating Curling Gel, Ecostyler Gel, Tresemme Flawless Curls Curl Hydration Conditioner, Double Sheen Argan Oil Hair Mayonnaise, ORS Shealicious Moisture Lock, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Lottabody Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk.  
Monique's natural hair in a high puff
Monique’s natural hair in a high puff
KiK:  What is your favourite natural hairstyle and how do you achieve and maintain it?
Monique:  My all time favourite natural hairstyle is a twist out. I achieve this style by applying gel to small portion of hair and twisting with the rope twist technique. I maintain this style by covering my hair with my silk scarf – no pineapple, nothing. My twists out usually last for a week because I usually do small twists, and I do not separate. I allow humidity to do it’s work. I’ve separated once and it didn’t last me very long.
Monique's twist-out hairstyle
Monique’s twist-out hairstyle (separated twists)
KiK:  What is your biggest hair mistake?
Monique:  Blowing dry my hair without applying a heat protectant.
KiK:  Have you ever coloured your natural hair?
Monique:  I have never coloured my hair. I don’t think I ever will. 
Twist-out on Natural Hair
Twist-out on Natural Hair
KiK:  What advice do you have for others who are newly natural or struggling to stay natural?
Monique:  Embrace your natural hair. It represents you. It’s the first thing people notice. If you’re struggling with your natural hair, look for inspirations. A lot of inspirations are available out there. Be natural, be you. Be naturally you.
Monique's twist and curl natural hairstyle
Monique’s twist and curl natural hairstyle
KiK:  Thanks for doing this feature and all the best on your hair journey. Where can we keep up with you or your 
hair journey online? 
Monique:  Thank you for considering me. I can be found on IG: _kccqueen_ and my blog at

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