Work Appropriate Natural Hairstyle –  Flat Twist Updo Hairstyle on 4c Natural Hair
Flat Twist Updo for Natural Hair


  • thoroughly moisturise your natural hair with a thick moisturiser and sealant to keep the hair moisturised for as long as possible.
  • only moisturise with a light spray-on moisturiser and spray on oil as this will cause less manipulation and less chance to mess up the style.
  • keep your hangs out of your hair. You can’t mess it up if you’re not in it.
  • tie your hair down every night or when you’re relaxing at home. You can mess up your hair while sitting on the couch with your head resting on the back of the recliner or after falling asleep in the couch. Keep your hair tied down to avoid it getting messed up.
Back View – Flat Twist Updo Hairsytle