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Natural Updo Hairstyle
Natural Updo Hairstyle
Natural Updo Hairstyle

Clearly, we’re big fans of @Jemy1415 on Youtube. If you have kinky hair and aren’t following her (you’re missing out),  KiK is happy to share some of her best natural hairstyle tutorials on our site as we’ve done in the past here.

Close-up of  the Natural Updo Hairsrtyle
Close-up of the Natural Updo Hairsrtyle
Natural Updo Hairstyle 2
Natural Updo Hairstyle 

Very kinky, coily natural hair (4c natural hair) can be very difficult to maintain and style if you are more accustomed to chemically straightened hair. Many women struggle to find styles that they can maintain for over 3 days.

This hairstyle should last at least a week and offers a lot of control as your hair expands in the humidity  of the summer. Additionally, the top section can be styled in twists, pompadours or other pin up styles to keep the hair out of your face for more corporate/professional settings while allowing you the flexibility of rocking a twist-out on the weekend or whichever week-day date night without compromising your entire hairdo.

Close-up of @Jemy1415's  4c Hair Texture
Close-up of @Jemy1415’s 4c Hair Texture

This week, we’re featuring this fairly simple look that can go from work to a wedding with ease. Maybe this could be your style for the weekend. Watch the tutorial below to see whether this style is for you.

[youtube id=”aHADyPzgVOw” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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