Pattern Mixing with DIY Patterned Ankle Strap Sandals

Betsey Johnson Floral Sandals – Source

Mixing patterns is all the rage for 2013. It can be done in a myriad of ways (see Issue 4 of KiK Magazine for pattern mixing style tips) but one of the easiest by far is a patterned shoe. Betsey Johnson provides fun fashion but her patterned sandals pictured above is particularly fun and eye-catching. Although her shoes are very affordable, you can do something similar for much less that allows you to change up the pattern on a whim.

Pattern Mixing Shoes and Pants – Source

If patterned shoes aren’t in your budget, it’s easy to create them with items you already have at home and can get at the local dollar store or from the clearance section of your nearest discount store.

Fabric Store Selections

Buy two of the same long scarves in your desired colour scheme. You can also simply buy fabric from your fabric store. You probably already have a simple pair of flip flops but if not, you can get those for cheap too.

Don’t forget that this is temporary, but that’s a good thing.You can change the patterns any time you choose. Check out the picture tutorial below to learn how to create your own patterned sandals.


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