Porosity Simplified and How it Affects Your Natural Hair Care

Porosity and Natural Hair Care

Written by Joni Williams of Hair Skin Love, Jamaica

Knowing your porosity is key to having healthy hair.

What is Porosity?

Porosity on a microscopic level is just how closely packed together the protein bonds on the outermost layer (cuticle) of you hair is. You can see the Hair Structure image below.

Hair Structure
Hair Structure Details

High, Normal and Low Porosity Hair


So, all the details you need about your natural hair care are clearly mapped out above. But,in a brief summary, If your cuticles are very closely packed together, you have low porosity hair; So, it will be hard for your hair to absorb water and hair products and you will need to moisturise often. It also means that you will need much fewer protein treatment than persons with normal or high porosity. As there aren’t many chinks in the armour of your hair strand, you wont need to worry about many of the bonds falling away during regular combing sessions or letting your hair out. Naturally, the opposite is true for high porosity hair.


For medium porosity hair, a moderate to light amount of protein is OK. For high porosity hair, you will need to have protein by your side constantly.This is why knowing your porosity is so important. It is the secret to growing your hair long, healthy and strong.

When applying your products for moisture and protein, remember to focus on your ends as they are the first to pop when under pressure because they are the oldest and weakest section of your hair.

How to Test Your Hair’s Porosity

(The video below shows you three ways to determine the porosity of your hair)

[youtube id=”TwhoTMEF1KU” width=”667″ height=”356″]

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