Natalie’s curls after finger coiling with Beautiful Textures’ Curl Definer Styling Custard
My Jamaican friend, Natalie, agreed to let me try the Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard on her short natural hair to see whether this natural hair product will work as expected when used as directed. I already tried and reviewed the product on my transitioning hair so it was nice to make a clear comparison. Thanks for being a good sport Natalie. Keep reading to find out what we did and didn’t like about the product on her tapered afro hairstyle.
Natural Hair Product Review - Beautiful Textures Curl Definer
Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard for Mixed Textures

Loose finger coils on curly natural hair
Loose Finger Coils on Natural Hair
I give this product a 3/5. 
  • The product gives good hold.
  • Definitely encourages curl on certain textures.
  • Works well as a gel for coils and twists.
  • The product isn’t drying.
  • It definitely tames frizz as promised
  • Includes pretty good ingredients like aloe, leaf and oil extracts.
  • The product can flake if too much is used.The problem though is that it had no effect unless you used a fair amount of it. So, the product flakes… especially on natural hair.
  • The style doesn’t really last beyond a day because it flakes by day two so you would have to wash your hair daily.
  • It isn’t extremely moisturising as the packaging promises and doesn’t give the lightest hold. There are other products out there that give softer hold. It weighed the hair down just a bit.
  • You can’t really air dry effectively with this product. You really do need to blow dry with a diffuser attachment or sit under a dryer in order to get rid of the white residue that it can leave behind.
I hope you enjoyed this natural hair product review. Watch the video below for another thorough review of the product being used on natural hair for bot twist-outs and wash n’ gos.