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Few words could express how absolutely thrilled I am to share this magazine with you. Please email your comments as suggestions to as we look forward to incorporating your suggestion for a new and improved issue for Fall/Winter 2012. Don’t forget to subscribe to the email list here  to be alerted of additional publications. Go ahead and read the magazine by clicking on it below.
Click on the magazine to enlarge your view and then use your arrows to turn the pages.

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9 Comments on “Read the KiK Magazine FREE Now | Summer 2012”

  1. i absolutely love it! very nicely put together diedre! looks so professional (but of course this kind of thing is up your alley 🙂 )

    looking forward to seeing other editions of KIK magazine!


  2. I loved your first issue. I just have a couple of suggestions.

    In your table of contents or introduction, could you somehow emphasize through pictures or text either in the TOC or on the front of the zine, that there will be articles for those with locs and those without.

    I’m not sure why, but it took me going through the whole magazine to figure out that this issue would have hairstyles and advice for both sets of people. I’m more interested in going directly to non loc material because right now I’m not locked.(smile)

    Also, I think if you’re going to have pages showing full body shots then that page might be more useful giving some type of information such as outfit of the day.

    I think those type of pages could be put to better use: for example one male model and one female model highlighting their hair tips, what they have on or something like that.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the full body shots, but those pages weren’t useful. I just quickly paged through.

    Its your first issue and I’m really looking for to more. I’m sure the zine will grow over time in wonderful directions.

    Lord knows we need some magazines. It was slick and professionally done.

    My suggestions are meant with the best intentions.

    Thank you so much for asking.

  3. Absolutely amazing! I do agree this is very professionally done. Certainly a magazine I would want to kick back and read on a slow day@. WELL DONE Diedre

  4. HEY!!! EXCELLENT! I need to read it better, but the pics and quality are lovely. Very proud, keep it up! And remember me when you buss :).

  5. I was amazed at your first issue! You should have no problem securing advertisers in the future! Nice job! I am about to start my SisterLock journey within a few more weeks. “How to start your Loc Journey” was absolutely informative!!!! It helped open my eyes that some people get locks because they like “the look.” I am planning to get locks because my hair is beyond high maintenance. By week 3 post relaxer, I was getting so much kink at the roots. Maintaining the locks seem easier than burning up my scalp and hair with relaxers. I literally had been fighting my hair for way too long. I declare my hair to be the winner- I plan to keep it kinky! Smile. My weapon of choice: SisterLocks for life. On a separate note, according to your magazine article, those with less kinky hair and loose curl patterns will benefit from the interlock method. Knowledge is power; good information to pass on! Love the first edition. Great pictures! Great versatility! I like the snapshots too! It makes the magazine feel like you are “at home!” Really, Really great first issue! Congratulations on the start of something big!

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