Brow Fixx by Nicole Webster Cosmetics

Product Name:  brow fixx tint & shaper by Nicole Webster Cosmetics

Product Description



  • This product is legitimately waterproof. I’ve used this while swimming and working out and it pretty much stays put (it fades a bit in water). So,  you’ll never have your brows shifting or running down your face while you’re in the heat or at the gym.
  • Clean up is easy (before it dries) so if you make a mistake, you just wipe it away with a tissue and it really doesn’t affect the rest of your makeup.
  • Looks very natural. It really does thicken each brow hair without looking gunky. So, brows look at least twice as thick without adding powder (but if you have very sparse brows, powder can be added without compromising the look of the brow of the effects of the product).
  • Can be used alone.


  • At $18, the product isn’t the cheapest on the market but it isn’t the most expensive either. It’s well worth the price but may be on the higher end for the drugstore girls like myself.
  • The second I find a real con, I’ll let you know.