Sunday Styling – Twist + Rod Natural Hairstyle

Curly natural hairstyle from a twist and rod set

This week, we are featuring another beautiful natural hairstyle tutorial from professional makeup artist and hairstylist, Nicole. She created this style by flat twisting and curling her hair. If you know how to flat twist or do individual twists, you can do this style too. Keep reading to learn how it’s done or just watch the demo video at the end.

Curly natural hairstyle from a twist and rod set
Curly natural hairstyle from a twist and rod set

You, too, can do this style

Step 1 – Prep your hair by detangling. It will make your styling process move a lot faster and cause you to loose less hair. Ensure that your hair is moisturised, since you won’t want to dampen your hair in any way once styled. Add the moisture before you style.

Step 2 – Put your hair in at least two sections, parting from ear to ear. Further part your hair into rows for flat twists for each of the following steps (much like you’d part for cornrows)

Tip – The smaller the section of hair, the tighter the curl.
You can try both methods on different occasions to see what you like best. 

Step 3 – Add your styling agent for hold (eg, styling foam, setting lotion or holding cream) before your flat twist each section. See the video at the end of this post for a demonstration.

Step 4 – Flat twist a section of your hair. If you do not know how to flat twist, do chunky individual twists instead.

Step 5 – Twist the ends of your hair and roll them onto a flexi rod or perm rod to curl them.  Some people also put the ends into bantu knots.

Step 6 – Let your hair set overnight or at least for a few hours then remove the rods and twists to reveal your curly style.

Curly natural hairstyle from a twist and rod set
Curly natural hairstyle from a twist and rod set

Step 6 – Your’e done but you must maintain your hair. Put your hair up in a pineapple (blog post on this coming soon) and tie your hair with a scarf at night to maintain the curls nightly or redo this process every few nights if needed. Add a light oil as needed to help keep your style shiny and curls looking luscious.

[youtube id=”FuALeg0rjes” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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