Swatch & Review | Glamourous by Nananacoco Nail Polish

Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamorous

If you like a little sparkle but don’t want the chunky glitters, micro glitters may be for you. These are usually a little more mature-looking and are also acceptable in certain casual offices.I loaded up on some nail polishes from the new (to me) brand called Nanacoco. That is what let me to Glamorous by Nanacoco Nail Polish. Keep reading for the swatch and full review of Glamorous.

Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamourouir
Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamorous


MAIN POLISH – Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamorous
Finish – Glossy
Topcoat Used – Yes
Source – In Jamaica at Monarch or Fontana Pharmacies or AMAZON HERE
Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamorous
Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamorous


This nail polish has a lovely smooth consistency, but, like many Nanacoco polishes, is very thick. The polish is opaque on one thick coat but I would recommend two medium coats The brush is medium thick as usual but despite the thickness of the polish, it applies very smooth and you have a lot of control over the placement. Also, you don’t have any issues with streaks or clumping.


The polish can last  the average 7 days with only minimal wearing at the tip. I actually wore this for about 10 days with only one or two minor chips on day 9 that really aren’t visible by the average person unless they are inspecting your nail. That seems to be the trend with all my Nanacoco nail polishess so you will be seeing more of this brand on the blog. It just lasts and lasts and almost never looks overly worn.

Glamorous took some work to remove and used up a LOT of polishes. Still, it was much easier than the average glitter. You just have to use a lot of cotton and only swipe downwards. The polish will run into your cuticles on removal if you are not careful.

Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamorous
Nanacoco Nail Polish in Glamorous


This colour is absolutely vivid and beautiful. It should wear for 7-10 days with care. The application is great but the polish itself is thicker than I’d like. So, this polish gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Interested in purchasing this colour? Get it HERE.


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