The Revolutionary Momentum Dryer

The Momentum Dryer
The Momentum Dryer
The Momentum Dryer

Like most women of African decent, I endured the heat and discomfort of overhead dryers for many years. Well, there is finally a new, revolutionary product that will make drying your hair more pleasant and efficient, It could hit the market if it gets ample support. It’s called the momentum dryer. The creator of this dryer couldn’t understand why his wife’s hair took so long to dry.

According to creator, Martin McCurtis, his overhead dryer promises to:

  • Cut drying time by 50%
  • Eliminate that hot air that usually blows onto our face and shoulders, making your sweat less.
  • Reduce the incidents of hot spots that can damage our hair
  • Dries hair in a more uniformed manner
  • Reduces excess salty, damaging perspiration that is generated by most traditional dryers that often damage hair and scalp.

Benefit for Salons

As mentioned before, the hooded dryer cuts drying time by 50%. This could mean a significant reduction in energy bills as well as the ability to move people through your salon much faster by decreasing the time that customers spend in a salon and increasing the number of heads you can do in a day.

How the Momentum Dryer Works

So, what makes this dryer so special? It directs hot air for drying in an upwards direction. Yes, upwards – away from your face. Once that hot air makes contact with the moisture on the hair, the moisture turns to vapor and the exhaust fan at the top of the hooded dryer pulls out the excess humidity, thereby creating fresh air for the user or those in the environs. Sounds complicated? Watch the video explaining everything below.

[youtube id=”bXdDMXBQLlk” width=”667″ height=”356″]


Keep Track

KiK is in full support of this new and innovative creation. We’ve already supported and subscribed to the YouTube page that will give updates on the progress of the Momentum Dryer.  You can also donate towards his initiative.





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