How to Maintain Cornrows & A Cornrow Hairstyle

Cornrow Extensions Hairstyle
Updated 12.20.2015 First Posted 12.03.2010
Looking for a nice protective style for the winter? This cornrow hairstyle should last you a few weeks depending on how well you care it. Cornrow/twist extensions do not last as long as single/individual plait or twist extensions but could be just what you need to get through your Christmas or New Years events in style. My cornrows have lasted me up to 3 weeks with proper care.

I find it difficult to keep cornrows for a while. Even with extensions, some of us can really struggle with keeping our hair frizz free and moisturised (which helps prevent the itchiness often experienced with cornrows). The video below from DiscoveringNatural shows a few tips that you can use on your cornrow and twists styles.


[youtube id=”1T69zM8QIV8″ width=”667″ height=”356″]



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