Watch it Wednesdays | Forks Over Knives

I don’t like documentary movies… but this insightful documentary was the bomb. Yes, it drops the bomb in the middle of any discussion concerning whether you should eat meat.

Forks Over Knives documentary movie  cover

Forks Over Knives does not force any messages down your throat. You won’t be left with a bad taste in your mouth and nobody is telling you that you’re the devil because you eat meat. What the documentary does is give facts and observations of how we humans have responded to eating meat throughout history and the revelations are yes, convincing and radical.

Forks Over Knives focuses on examining the relationship between common diseases and our diet. The authors use historical and research based observations of leading revolutionary and sometimes experts on health that are considered questionable to some. You have to watch the movie to determine whether their argument is convincing.

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